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Winter Wonderland Dork by lillyliover89 Winter Wonderland Dork :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 2 6 Xian by lillyliover89 Xian :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 80 Lou by lillyliover89 Lou :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 1 2 Night by lillyliover89 Night :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 2 Alette by lillyliover89 Alette :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 3 2 Whaaa?! by lillyliover89 Whaaa?! :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 2 18 Cain and Sibly in a Winter Wonderland by lillyliover89 Cain and Sibly in a Winter Wonderland :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 10 Art Trade: werewolf39 3 of 3 by lillyliover89 Art Trade: werewolf39 3 of 3 :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 1 3 Art Trade: werewolf39 2 of 3 by lillyliover89 Art Trade: werewolf39 2 of 3 :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 1 3 Art Trade: werewolf39 1 of 3 by lillyliover89
Mature content
Art Trade: werewolf39 1 of 3 :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 2 3
The Spirit of the Forest by lillyliover89 The Spirit of the Forest :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0 The Lone Fox by lillyliover89 The Lone Fox :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0 The Lonely Nightingale by lillyliover89 The Lonely Nightingale :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0 Stalker by lillyliover89 Stalker :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0 Sorrow of the Weeping Willow by lillyliover89 Sorrow of the Weeping Willow :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0 Massacre by lillyliover89
Mature content
Massacre :iconlillyliover89:lillyliover89 0 0


Moonlight Mistress (tanka poetry)
Rest thy dreary head
Fear no more the silence sound
Drift amongst the stars
Rendered be our midnight kin
'Till mornings dawn we slumber
:icontheredheartrebel:TheRedHeartRebel 10 9
CATCH by Simonetry CATCH :iconsimonetry:Simonetry 51 4 WA by Simonetry WA :iconsimonetry:Simonetry 84 10
false alarm || karamatsu x male!criminal!reader
trigger warning(s): illegal activity, profane language, karamatsu being himself, mildly dubious consent that becomes consensual
recommended song to play with this story: false alarm ; the weeknd (link in description)
“If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger?”
— Thomas Huxley

Pounding footsteps, burning lungs, and the heavy weight of a duffel bag packed with stolen cash accompanied you as you chased your way down the sidewalk, sirens wailing in the streets not far behind you. You checked over your shoulder and saw the red and blue colors that rolled across the pavement after you and you cursed, pushing yourself just a little further down the street. The bag thumping against your side as you raced reminded you that it was all worth it in the end, so long as you didn't get caught.
“Come on, (Name)!” You hissed the nervous encouragement between gritted teeth as your burning legs pu
:iconrottocarneval:rottocarneval 23 7
Literature x Male!Reader || I Win x Male!Reader
Requested by: :iconxiaozabo:
"Stop talking!” you shouted as you slammed your hands against the wall on either side of her, trapping her there. "Just stop talking for five minutes and listen to orders for once!"
"Make me, (y/n)," she challenged as she tried to push you away, pressing her hands against your well-toned chest.
"I will, you brat,” you snapped. "I'll write you up and make sure 76 knows about how you're disrespecting a superior officer by blatantly ignoring orders."
"Like I'm scared of the old man,” she growled, and you slammed the wall again with your hand, leaning in closer to her which made her flinch away.
"You may not be scared of him, but I will damn sure make you scared of me, little girl ."
She shivered and looked away, avoiding your hard gaze. You kept your eyes on her face, studying her features. Her eyes were filled with defiance and something you couldn't read laced beneath. Her slender jawline was showing tension, and h
:iconkaminari-no-kokoro:Kaminari-no-Kokoro 76 12
Hinata Shouyou x SlightlyOlder!GN!Reader
Your first glimpse of the sun strolled through the doors on an early March morning. 
"One black coffee please!"
Hinata Shouyou, you had written on his cup. His name fit nicely with that bright grin of his, always managing to coax a smile from your lips. 
He came to the cafe every morning to order a black coffee. He always took the window seat of the booth second to the end, his gaze facing east as he watched the sun rise.
You found yourself reserving the seat for him.
. . .
It was early April now, and the cherry blossoms were losing their colors as they leapt from their branches, gracefully dancing along the breeze.
"Ne, Hinata-san, what year are you in?" The question spilled from your lips one day. You had always been curious, given the boy's short stature and child-like features. 
"I'm in my first year, (Name)-san!" He replied easily, clutching at the warmth of his coffee. 
"Ah, I miss middle school," you groused, le
:iconimaginationseeker:ImaginationSeeker 36 6
happy birthday lilly!  by WereWolf39 happy birthday lilly! :iconwerewolf39:WereWolf39 7 29
Difficult (Dirk Strider x Male!reader)
Warning: Mild cussing and homosexual content ahead. Gays have their rights along with the LGBTQ community. I will not tolerate hate comments, you have been warned.
It's difficult being friends with a guy you like, who's also known for his reputation of being a player.
It's more difficult if you're born male and in love with a player, who's also male.
The stares, the glares, the judgement you'll get when you decide to become open about this.
It would haunt the person's mind forever.

(Name) sighed as he walked alongside Dirk Strider, his best friend and the known player of the high school they attended. Girls stared at the spiky-haired blonde— some swooning, some blushing, and some giddy and talking about him behind their backs.
It was annoying for the (h/c)-haired male. Everywhere they passed by, girls would just melt and internally beg Strider to be with them.
It made him sick.
He silently scoffed, the tip of his shoe scuffing the marble floor. "How much of a hypocrite
:iconanimeangel143:AnimeAngel143 67 13
       Author’s Note: One thing I really hate it’s when people change a fictional character’s canon sexual orientation in fan fiction and self/reader-inserts, just because they feel like it (AKA they are really disrespectful towards both the reader and said character). It pisses me off all the time.  As far as we know, Dirk is gay. I’m not saying that he couldn’t be pansexual or anything, but we do not have any evidence in canon that he is interested in females (or any other genders, really) too. I’ll just roll with canon this time.
               In order to respect my previous statement the reader is going to be a male in this story, but if people want me to I’ll write a version in which the reader does not have a specified gender. Please just flow with my writing and ideas; they are really important to the story.
               Thank you
:iconcelesteblood:CelesteBlood 60 52
Thump Thump Jane x Reader
It was another Friday, the day you could see her...
As your manager let you off of your register, you made your way out of the supermarket and headed straight for the local bakery. Now it was just running through the motions once you pushed open the door to the bakery.
Your sneakers squeaked lightly on the checkered tile as you grabbed a Borden brand chocolate milk from out of the fridge and headed for the counter. The head baker and owner of the bakery smiled again.
She says through her dimpled smile, "it's almost like clockwork, every Friday."
"Well you know me, I just can't get enough of your yellow cake." You reply
She chuckles "oh (y/n) I can always count on offloading all of my sweets on you." Jane says
"Well, you always make the best cakes and pies." You say through your beating heart.
"You're so sweet." Jane says
"Not as sweet as your sweets." You reply
"Same always?" Jane asks
"You know it?" You reply
"Coming right now."
:iconcrimsongrain:crimsongrain 23 6
Kankri x Reader | sweater weather
It's t99 c9ld
F9r y9u here and n9w
Let me h9ld
6oth y9ur hands in the h9les 9f my sweater
- - -
He sulked on his couch, head swallowed up by his huge red sweater.
It was Christmas Eve on Earth and he had no one to spend it with. No presents sat under his tree, which was dull and lifeless looking. Kankri found tinsel and baubles too flashy and too triggering to those sensitive to such things or those of other religions, so he left his tree branches bare. It was also a fake tree, because real ones were triggering with their pointy little leaves that littered the floor and caused so much cleaning and left a smell that could possibly trigger someone by bringing back fond or terrible childhood Christmas memories or stimulate their senses in all the wrong ways.
Kankri tried to pretend that he wasn't angry at his "friends" who hadn't even messaged him at all over the human Christmas holiday. He understood they were busy with their flush crushes and happiness and fantastical live
:iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 149 24
Draco Malfoy X Male!Reader- suddenly.
Draco Malfoy X Male!Hufflepuff!Reader
warnings: language
when you see '--' it means some time has passed
au! where they are still in school [5th yr] and nobody is dead and they have a normal time at their beloved wizarding school
*draco + harry not on as bad of terms, but draco can still be a jerk
**platonic reader and harry aka the aggressive bromance
"I just don't understand," You moaned, laying your head on the table, "Why do we even need to learn potions? I don't even want to do anything that has to do with potions when I get older." 
Harry patted your back, trying to sooth you, "It will be alright [Name], you'll get the hang of it soon enough." He tried to assure you. 
Your head snapped up to meet his, "No, I'll make a fool of myself again. I put Seamus to shame with how many things I've blown up in my face." You plopped your head down with a thud that made Harry wince, "I just have to face it, that I'll fail." 
"This is sad [Name], maybe you should talk to Prof
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 154 26
23. Warmth
Nishinoya Yuu x Male!Reader
warmth (n): enthusiasm, affection, or kindness
You and he lay on your sides, facing each other. Arms around his waist, you pulled him to your chest, chin rested on the crown of his head, his bi-colored hair tickling your nose. His arms wrapped around your torso, face smushed into your chest, legs entangled with yours. 
You took a deep breath through the nose, enjoying the smell of his shampoo. "I love Yuu," you murmured, chuckling softly. You could almost see him rolling his eyes at the overused pun, muttering a sarcastic "ha ha" in response.
Smirking, you hooked your right leg over his hip, your left wedging itself between his knees. He let out a yelp, your icy toes spreading goosebumps across his skin. "Y-you're cold!" 
"You're warm," You muttered lethargically, leveraging the angle of your right leg to push your hips to his. Nishinoya stiffened, leaning back to pout at you. He scooted his hips back until your right leg fell fr
:iconimaginationseeker:ImaginationSeeker 28 2
[yuri plisetsky x gn!reader] -drabble/fluff-
✖] pairing: yuri plisetsky/gender-neutral!reader
✖] fandom: yuri!!! on ice
✖] trigger warnings / general warnings: none. a kissing scene, but it isn't explicit.
✖] author's note: this is really hurried since i got done with episode 9 like 20 minutes ago, and i was debating whether i should've written for yuri, mila, michele, or possibly sala? i decided yuri since he was being a fuckin' cutie again n' it highkey hit me with his moments with yuri like dAMN SOn. <--- i was trying to make a pun pls appreciate me
   You trailed into the apartment and locked the door with ease, a tired smile crossing your lips once you saw a familiar figure sprawled on the couch with their blond hair stick out against the cushions. Your bag had been dropped by the entrance as you trailed towards the male. A small amount of surprise struck you at the fa
:iconichi-chi-cheerio:ichi-chi-cheerio 111 18
John Egbert x Male! Reader: Pocky
I have no idea how I got into this mess. Here I am lying on my back, on John’s bed, with John on top of me, and my shirt halfway up. Previously, I was just talking to John. We knew each other since I moved here three years ago. I really never expected for him to do this kind of thing. I thought he had feelings for this Rose girl…
Apparently not.
~~3rd pov~~  
==> (M/n): Go back in time.
(M/n) walked up to John’s house, knocking on the door. He got an unexpected call from John. Without wanting to know what’s going on, (M/n) expected that John got a new game. So (M/n) changed and went to see Egderp Egbert. Anyways, waiting on someone to open the door, Egbert’s dad was the one to open the door.
“Hello (M/n), John is waiting up in his room.” Said the faceless dad (I mean he looks like slender if you take off the hat).
“Thank you Mr. Egbert.” And with that, he left to go up into J
:iconskeleton-freak:Skeleton-Freak 85 6
Engineer x Reader: Valentines day
You'd spent all day preparing for this. Still, you didn't feel ready at all; your hands were shaking lightly against the top of the tub that sat in your lap and the nerves were getting so bad it felt like your stomach was cramping. Taking a deep breath, you looked up at the clock on the wall as you exhaled.
6:30PM. Figuring that if left alone to do this at any time, you would've chickened out eventually, so you had set a time limit for yourself. Be there at 7PM at the latest. You set the tub down beside you on your bed, standing up to look into the mirror of your vanity desk.
Standing for a moment, you watched your reflection as you turned your head this way and that, looking at the way the light caught your hair, running your hands over your cheeks and feeling the shape of your face, running fingers over the increasingly darker bags under your eyes. Being a mercenary had certainly had it's toll on your sleeping habits. Despite the imperfections you could spot, you smiled at yourself.
:iconstarstreamergirl:starstreamergirl 160 35


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